USS TEXAS + La Porte, Texas + October 7 - 9, 2016  


  Where Wargaming and History Meet    

About Us...

Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming is an informal group of likeminded gamers who play both miniature and board wargames.  We organize, design, and play out historic or semi–historic military encounters one night each month.  Our mantra is: “Simple, Fast, and Fun”.  We meet once a month at the Black Labrador Pub and enjoy our gaming and our beer.  You can learn more about us at

In late September, 2011 we successfully organized and ran our first wargaming convention, Texas BROADSIDE! 2011.  Fifty plus wargamers from around the world attended and enjoyed a weekend of wargaming and camaraderie aboard the USS TEXAS (BB-35).
Each October since we've organized and run this event, a wargame convention that we hope to run around the same time every year.  Wargames will be available that depict military actions on land, in the air, and above and below the surface of the sea.  Several of these games will feature the USS TEXAS herself.

Our goals for this event are four-fold:

  • Educate the public about military history, and the role of the USS TEXAS in that history, through wargaming.
  • Provide a wonderful historic and original venue where wargamers can enjoy their hobby.
  • Raise awareness and funds, albeit modest, to help preserve the USS TEXAS for future generations.
  • Help grow the hobbies of historical board and miniature wargaming in the greater Houston urban area.
We would appreciate your help in advertizing our forthcoming wargame convention, by word of mouth or by forwarding our web site address to fellow gamers and hobbyists.  On our Documents page you will find a number of convention flyers and ads.  You can also help us spread the word about Texas BROADSIDE! by downloading one or more of these documents, printing a few, and asking your local game store or hobby store to place them on display for their customers.
We are also looking for game masters (GM), volunteers, and corporate sponsors who can support our endeavor with running games, advertising, and prize support.  A wargame convention cannot succeed without the assistance of these hard working generous folks.  We’ll give you a discount to the convention, as a reward for your help in making it successful, and as a corporate sponsor we will include your company logo in our program and on our web site.  Please contact us using the email below if you would like to help.
All of our after-expense convention profit will go directly to the Battleship Texas Foundation, a non-profit organization that conducts fund raisers to help with ongoing preservation and restoration projects aboard TEXAS.  The Foundation also runs the overnight educational program aboard ship and conducts tours of the ship to help further raise funds.

If you are unable to attend the convention, but would still like to help us help the TEXAS, please consider a $5 or $10 donation, made using our Donation page.  Your contribution will enable us to provide a better experience for all involved and help us succeed in our overall mission.  Those that support us with a donation will be recognized in our convention program and in the space on this page below.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please email us at: [email protected]

Out Thanks to the Following Supporters...

Andy Smith - Ship Director - TPWD

Barbara Graf - Marketing Specialist - TPWD

Bruce Bramlett - Executive Director - Battleship Texas Foundation

Kandace Trujillo - Skipper Overnight Education Program - Battleship Texas Foundation