USS TEXAS + La Porte, Texas + October 7 - 9, 2016  


  Where Wargaming and History Meet    

Important Information About Texas BROADSIDE!

Listed here, in alphabetical order, is some general information about Texas BROADSIDE! .  If you have any questiom(s) about any of this information, or something we haven't covered below, then please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


We have two options for you for registration: one day gaming and full weekend gaming.  To complement either option you may also opt to stay overnight aboard TEXAS on Friday and/or Saturday nights.  Please visit our online registration page to purchase your gaming, accomodation, and lunch options.

Event badges and programs will be handed to you when you arrive at the ship.  Our onsite registration counter will be the ticket window just on the shore end of the gangway.  Badges must be worn at all time while you are aboard the TEXAS.  The "rank" indicated on your badge will identify for event staff whether you are a one-day, weekend, or overnight gamer.  Your badge will also indicate whether you have purchased lunches.


The Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming club assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.  Lost badges, programs, or other materials must be re-purchased.  The Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  If anyone acts in an inappropriate manner, as deemed by the convention staff, we reserve the right to eject you from the convention without a refund or ask the rangers of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to intercede on our behalf.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please contact a member of event staff or an employee of the TPWD or the nearest ship volunteer aboard TEXAS immediately.


Restroom facilities aboard USS TEXAS are closed to the general public, there are restrooms available ashore for public use.  Registered attendees of Texas BROADSIDE!, however, will have unrestricted access to the on-board toilet facilities and should not have to leave the ship for this reason.


The general public is not allowed food or drink aboard ship.  Only registered attendees of Texas BROADSIDE! will be permitted to eat or drink aboard, and this activity, to minimize impact to the ship, needs to be conducted in the air conditioned Dreadnought room.  Water will be provided for free in coolers located in the Dreadnought room.  Sodas will be provided with purchased box lunches.


The Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming club is first and foremost about having fun.  We wouldn't have organized this event if we didn't think it would be fun for us and fun for you.  Please consider this when you interact with other gamers and please strive at all times to make this event enjoyable for everyone involved.   Disruptive playes will, in the first instance, be asked by their GM to "shape up".  In the second instance a member of event staff will intercede.  If problems persist we'll muster the might of TPWD and then we'll let them deal with the trouble maker...


There is no formal process for signing up for a given game.  We will keep the online game schedule as updated as possible and hand you a program and map of the ship when you arrive, so that you know what and where the games are.  There will be two game "sessions" each day (with open gaming at night) so we will operate on a first-come-first-served basis when it comes to who gets to play in which games.  Note some of our scheduled games are repeated, giving you two chances to get into the action.  We've also asked our GMs to try and remain flexible in allowing players to join their games, acknowledging the fact that it's hard to plan for numbers of players.


Lunches can be purchased in advance only.  The "box" lunches are provided by the concessioner running the on-shore snack bar, next to the USS TEXAS gift shop.  If you purchase lunches while registering, please be sure to indicate your preference(s) for the type(s) of lunch you desire.  Lunches must be consumed inside the Dreadnought room or employee break room.  The gaming schedule will be suspended between 1400 and 1500 hours so that everyone may take their lunch break together.  If you do not dine aboard then you may leave the ship at 1400 to eat elsewhere and then return when gaming begins again at 1500 hours.


The bugs can be bad.  TPWD sell bug spray in their gift shop, but feel free to bring your own from home, in case TPWD runs out.  Hopefully the bugs will be less bad in early October.


Unlike last year, we WILL be able to accept on-site registration for one-day, weekend, and overnight gaming.  However, We will NOT be able to order more lunches onsite (but the lunch window ashore will be open).  Cash only please for on-site registration.


Some games may get cancelled on-the-day, for any number of good and occasionally, not-so-good reasons.  There may also be free table space available once all our pre-planned games are known.  If a table is otherwise free of a scheduled game, you may use that table as open gaming space, on a first-come-first-served basis. During convention hours, open gaming should be limited to WWI and WWII themed wargames.   The overnight gaming is entirely open gaming and may be any type of gaming.


Overnight accomodation aboad the TEXAS is operated by the Battleship Texas Foundation.  Rules, regulations, and other details about their program can be found here.  We will have our own schedule of events for the evening but we may be sharing the overnight facilities with other groups, including cub scouts, so please be appropriately respectful.  Personal food and non-alcoholic drinks MAY be brought aboard TEXAS for the overnight portion of the event.


Parking near the ship is free and plentiful.


Online payment for attending Texas BROADSIDE! and partaking in the optional on-board lunches can be securely made with PayPal or Google.  If you would prefer not to use either of these tools to pay for registration then please contact us at [email protected] to arrange for snail mail registration and payment.  On-site registration will be cash only.


Our complete refund policy can be found stated inside your shopping cart.


We will be holding a no-host dinner at the nearby Monument Inn restaurant.  This dinner will run from 1930 to 2100 on Saturday night.  If you intend to join us for this dinner then please indicate this by adding the associated no-cost item to your registration shopping cart.  Your final "cost" for this dinner will depend on how much you eat and drink.


This has been one of the hottest Houston summers on record.  While we hope for milder weather in early October, it's quite possible that the weather the weekend we have chosen may be quite hot.  We have scheduled the gaming to take place mainly in the air conditioned Dreadnought room and wardroom of the ship.  Some gaming will occur under the air castles and may occur in other spaces below deck.  Those areas that are not equipped with air conditioning will be equipped with electric fans, to help make those warmer areas as comfortable as possible.  Clearly the Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming club, TPWD, and any other mortal being or organization cannot be held responsible for the whims of mother nature.  No refunds will be granted because it is too hot, too cold, or too wet.  If the sailors of the TEXAS could whether it for months at a time, we'll survive for one weekend.


There is a zero tolerance weapons, alchohol, and narcotics policy at Texas BROADSIDE! and the entire San Jacinto State Monument and Battleship Texas site.  Violators of this policy will be ejected from Texas BROADSIDE! and promptly turned over to rangers of the TPWD.